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Brijana Prooker film resume skills -- writing, directing, producing, acting, pit bull advocating, filmmaking, social media marketing, bloggingActing | Directing | Producing | Screenwriting
Inspired by my rescued Golden Retriever-Chow Chow, Woofie, I founded WOOF Productions, with the goal of donating film proceeds to animal rescue groups and charities.

Making the perfect pie crust | Homemade card aficionado | Rocking PJs while walking my dogs!
Expert at taking a nothing day and suddenly making it all worthwhile (also good at borrowing “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” theme song lyrics)
Elaborate, overachieving party planning (epic bashes include Betty & Veronica, Marie Antoinette and Bewitched themes)
Blogging | Expert in Science of Love | Pit Bull Advocating 
KOTAW Girl Gang member
Thoughtful gift giving
Rocked the bun long before fashion editors transformed it into the oh-so-trendy “top knot”
Brijana Prooker and Pit Bull Ivy graphic design illustration | Brijana Prooker filmCompulsive and heartfelt Thank You note writer
Laughing every day | Live theater performance
Doing the equivalent research and writing of a PhD for a film
Comedy. “You cannot teach someone comedy; either they have it or they don’t.” –Lucille Ball

Brijana Prooker education -- University of California, Santa Cruz Theater Arts, Sexual Anthropology studies | Brijana Prooker filmUniversity of California, Santa Cruz drop-out (just kidding, sort of!) I spent 3 happy years as a “banana slug” living in the forest of a campus that made me feel like Snow White as I walked to class amongst the deer. But a year from earning my degree in Theater Arts, I left the forest in pursuit of my dreams in the big city – Los Angeles – after realizing I didn’t want to wait another year to begin my career in film.

DIY PhD in Sexual Anthropology. Spent 2 ½ years studying the science of love in the context of evolution, biology, and sociology. Conquered Dr. Seuss-like stacks of medical journals, scientific publications, case studies, and philosophical essays in order to write Love Abridged, a film that explores whether Hollywood or scientists hold the answers to love, sex and improbable attraction. Freud to Kinsey, dopamine to oxytocin, Mars to Venus… I write about anything – and everything – related to love at Love Abridged: The Blog.

Brijana Prooker film credits -- award-winning actress and filmmaker

Love Abridged Feature currently in pre-production. Wrote screenplay and will direct, produce and star in film that reveals whether we are making love or getting screwed. Not only a film, Love Abridged has evolved into its own brand. Visit Love Abridged: The Blog for musings on the science of love and the deceiving nature of romantic comedies.

GUT-TO-GO  Comedy inspired by a New York Times article that said the latest trend for men was to replace six-pack abs with beer bellies.

Wrote, produced and played 3 roles: Amy, an exercise-and-diet obsessed Georgia native who’s struggling to achieve the LA ideal of female perfection; Cyndi, an overly-eager TV reporter who authoritatively quotes The New York Times, and Sue, a British infomercial host with a very passionate view about what makes men sexy.

Raised budget while walking my dog, Woofie. We’d run into neighbors while out and about, I’d tell them about my film and be rewarded with amazing support and generosity.

A Voice To Be Heard  Starred as woman who married and murdered the man who shot her fiancé.

Blockhead  Brought comic relief to gruesome tale before having jaw ripped off and neck slashed by a bookstore owner and his brother.

For Dakota  Wrote, produced, directed and starred in shoestring budget drama in which family members comprised the entire cast and crew. Relied on imagination, inventiveness and creativity alone to execute this award-winning project about a young woman in mourning desperately trying to avoid the unwanted and inconsiderate condolences of her annoying neighbor.

Bliss Is…  Wrote, produced, directed and starred in solo project about a young southern woman whose bubble of ignorance is violently busted after having sex with a guy she thought she loved. This stripped-down drama was created with no budget and bare minimum equipment – just a camera on a tripod and a story.

One, Please  Starred as an audacious woman who demands that her dog be allowed to accompany her on a trip to the zoo, going to great comedic lengths, including casting her teacup yorkie as a seeing-eye dog to win her argument with the heard-it-all ticker-taker.

Brijana Prooker film, press and media -- Featured on George Pennacchio’s Hollywood Wrap on KABC-TV Los Angeles, the most-watched newscast in Southern California

Twice Featured on George Pennacchio’s “Hollywood Wrap” on KABC-TV Los Angeles’ 11p.m. news, the most-watched newscast in Southern California: Filmmaker’s Neighbors Pitch In On Project and Local Filmmaker Holds Neighborhood Premiere.

GUT-TO-GO Best Supporting Actress 1st runner up: Brijana Prooker, Action on Film International Film Festival. Winner: Best Short, Idyllwild Independent Festival of Cinema. Winner: Best Picture – Micro Comedy, Bare Bones Film Festival

FOR DAKOTA Best Actress Winner: Bri Prooker, Bare Bones Film Festival

BLISS IS… | Best Actress Nominee: Brijana Prooker, Bare Bones Film Festival