Brijana Prooker with her sweet red nose Pit Bull, Ivy.
Brijana Prooker with her sweet red nose Pit Bull, Ivy.

I never wanted to be famous. Still don’t.

Truth be told, I’m outraged every time someone crosses the street when they see me walking by with my Pit Bull Ivy, but I’m secretly grateful as well. I hate the prejudice against pits and I’m going to spend every day of my life proving people’s misconceptions about Pit Bulls wrong. But I like the sense of freedom and anonymity that comes from people crossing the street when they see us coming.

When I go for a walk with Ivy, I want to spend my time with her and only those special few who are walking with us (Ivy’s sweet adopted Poodle-Doodle LuLU and my mom and sister, my two best friends). I don’t want to be noticed as I frolic along in my PJs, messy updo and flip flops… not because there’s anything wrong with being seen by others in my favorite daily attire (and trust me, even my neighbors who run away in fear have caught at least a glimpse of each and every pair of PJs I own) but because I want to spend my time with those I love and not be forced to stop and make idol chit chat with random strangers.

I love my quiet life of walking Ivy and LuLU in my pajamas, curling up on the couch and watching old movies with my mom and sister and kitten-cat Doosis, and enjoying heartfelt conversation and laughter with my small circle of good friends. I have absolutely no desire to be in the spotlight… So why have I sought out a career in media?

When I was younger, I think it had to do with the fact that I was shy. No one could get past the label of me being “shy” so no one took the time to really get to know me. But when I was on stage pretending to me Maria from The Sound of Music and singing “I Have Confidence,” I really did.

Now that I no longer need to be on stage or playing a character to be seen as the strong and confident woman I have become, my reason is simply that I have something to say.

Lucille Ball made history when she became the first woman to run a major television studio in 1962. Over half a century since, males outnumber females in all top production roles in cinema (writing, directing and producing) approximately 5 to 1. This means that, overall, the female voice is not being heard. But mine will be.

And so will Ivy’s!

(So will LuLU’s! She just told me so. And she also told me to add an extra special picture of her here now that she is my Forever Poodle Doodle! And I will happily oblige! Ivy telling my mom and sister and me to adopt LuLU at age 11 is one of the best things that has ever happened to us! I love her with all my heart, just like my kitten-cat Doosis — ALSO adopted per my pittie pie Ivy’s request!

Doosis and LuLU wearing flower crowns in support of Sophie Gamand’s Pit Bull Flower Power Project, which aims to fight against the horrible stereotype that Pit Bulls are anything but sweet and joyful — as happy-making as a beautiful bouquet of daisies and sunflowers!

Love, Bri Prooker, Writer, Director, Producer, Actor, Pit Bull Advocate, Bri